Now you can add more elegance to your washrooms by installing decorative washbasins. Eros masters the art of manufacturing and designing a wide range of highly attractive designer washbasins in India. We have spent years in the industry to gain the trust of the customers. We have been manufacturing several types of designer sanitaryware in India and we are touted to be one of the best designer washbasins manufacturers in the country. So, if you want to buy a strong, durable, elegant and tastefully designed washbasin for your home, then explore the wide range of options offered by Eros Sanitaryware.

How to choose one of the best decorative washbasins for your home?

Eros Sanitaryware makes world-class designer washbasins in India. Whether you have a stylish washroom or a classy washroom, there is an option for every type of washroom. Eros makes washbasin for vintage themed washrooms as well. Also, we have an extensive range of washbasins for the contemporary washrooms or shower rooms as well.

Eros Sanitaryware has been manufacturing various types of designer sanitaryware in India. Therefore, we are recognized to be one of the topnotch designer washbasins manufacturers in India.

Why to select a decorative washbasin for your washroom or shower room?

Decorative washbasins set the tone of the bathroom or the shower room. Therefore, you have to be very careful while selecting the best washbasin for the bathroom. No matter how beautifully or elegantly your washroom is designed, a decorative washbasin is important for the show of your washroom. A luxury washbasin adds to the classiness of the bathroom, therefore, don’t forget to select one of the most premium washbasins for your home.

Whether you want to buy a sophisticated and sleek washbasin for your home or whether you want to buy a relatively bigger and modern washbasin, you can buy anything that you want from Eros Sanitaryware. There are several reasons that make Eros Sanitaryware one of the best in the country, and one of the prime reasons is that we manufacture extremely solid washbasins.